Chris Hatfield
Chris Hatfield | UX & Motion Designer, Hanson Inc. Joined AIGA: 2013, Joined the Board 2014, President 2017
I joined AIGA innocently enough. At first I simply wanted to better understand my field and meet like-minded creatives in my area. What I found was a passionate group of designers who want to provide service to their community and trumpet the power of design to all corners. That was pretty much all she wrote.
My background is a grab bag of creative media ranging from professional touring musician to graphic designer, also working with film, scripting, and now motion. I'm an unashamed dilettante of the creative fields and believe adamantly that design is a fundamental change agent capable of motivating, organizing, and accomplishing a wide array of agendas. Website: Twitter: @Chriskhatfield Instagram: @Ckhatfield Linkedin: @ChristopherHatfield
Melanie Giveins
Vice President | Secretary
Melanie Giveins | Graphic Designer, North Design Joined AIGA: 2011, Joined the Board 2013, Vice President 2017
I joined AIGA to become more familiar with the industry I was entering into after college. I saw the value that this organization brings to our community and wanted to be a part of it.
BGSU Graduate and former BGSU Student Chapter Board Member. Lettering, typography, and laughter enthusiast. Melanie also enjoys listening to music, failing at Pinterest projects, and drinking copious amounts of caffiene. Her dislikes include writing personal bios. Website: Instagram: @mgiveins  
Jenn Stucker
Founder | Board
Jenn Stucker | Bowling Green State University (BGSU), Assistant Professor Joined 2007
I joined AIGA to connect with like minded designers who care about upholding the best practices and who understand the value of design as a means for changing and improving human behavior.
Texan born. Colorado raised. Proud NW Ohioan. BGSU and EMU alum. Practicing Designer. Design Educator. AIGA Toledo and SWEAT workshop co-founder. Collage Artist. Community project instigator. Mom to two awesome people. Long distance runner. Lucky and happy human. Twitter: @JennStucker Instagram: @JennStucker  
Amy Fidler
Founder | Education
Amy Fidler | Bowling Green State University, Lecturer Joined: 1999 Founding AIGA Toledo president and current AIGA Toledo board member. Also serving on the national AIGA Design Educators Steering Committee. See also: design professor, collaborator, mom, SWEAT co-founder. Constantly trying to live the mantra: today, my best.
I was introduced to AIGA as a student and was immediately drawn to this vast organization-- the upholding of ethics and standards, the networking of people, the inspiring work. I wanted to be involved in the social, educational and professional aspects, and I still have the same passion for AIGA today. Instagram: @amyfidler Twitter: @amyfidler  
Matt Rowland
Matt Rowland | Art Director, Hart Joined AIGA: 2012, Joined the Board 2012 | President 2013-2016
I was looking for a hands-on way to enhance the community. I have met some great friends along the way."Those Who Can, Do, Those Who Can't, Tweet."
A native of Iowa, Matt graduated from the University of Northern Iowa with a BFA in Graphic Design. He met his wife Lauren while leading Summer Camps in Germany. Fast forward 10 years, Matt and Lauren now live in Perrysburg, Ohio with their three-year-old son Emmett. Website: Instagram: @Rowlandesign Linkedin: @Rowlandmatt
Jeff Kimble
Ashley Lawson
Ashley Lawson | Graphic Designer, Madhouse Joined AIGA: 2011, Joined the Board 2013
I joined AIGA to be a part of a community of my peers in the art and design profession and to participate in elevating and contributing to the profession. The active local AIGA Toledo chapter was a huge influence on why I joined.
Native Northwest-Ohioan, BGSU alum, and creative problem solver, Ashley is a glass half-full person with a passion for the local art and design community and is a firm believer in 'Bloom where you're planted." She also enjoys theater, music, natural and healthy baking/cooking, spending time on the water, and watching Netflix.  
Erin Kunz
Erin Kunz | Art Director, Interrupt Joined AIGA: 2009, Joined the Board 2011
I joined AIGA to be more connected with the local design community.
Born and raised in Toledo, Ohio. I am proud to be a part of the ever growing art community within this city. Some of my favorite things are drawing, photography, terrariums, wine and coffee. Website: Facebook: Erin Kunz
Chelsea Kopfman
Chelsea Kopfman | Graphic Designer, Jupmode Joined AIGA: 2012, Joined the Board - 2015
I joined AIGA to connect with fellow creatives who understand how big of an impact design can make. I think it's important to surround yourself with inspiring individuals who push you to do your best.
Proud Ohioan born and raised in Toledo. BGSU Graphic Design graduate who actively participates in the Toledo design community. I am a music lover and beer enthusiast with an insatiable appetite for pizza. I love being out and about adventuring around Toledo and the surrounding areas! Website: Instagram: @Ckopfman
Gina Scherzer
Gina Scherzer | Graphic Designer // Office DJ, Card Advertising, Inc. Joined AIGA: 2013, Joined the Board 2013
I had been approached a few times by Ben and Amy to participate in a couple of events. After designing a dot for the You Are Here project, I finally realized the importance and value AIGA provides to the local design community. Since joining, my favorite parts of AIGA Toledo are the developed friendships, community involvement and awareness the chapter provides.
Toledo born and raised. Enthusiast of the great outdoors, art & design, culture, travel, music, running and life. Proud mom of a yellow lab named Brie.
Rachel Rine
Rachel Rine | Madhouse Creative, Designer & Developer Joined AIGA: 1-1-2016
I joined AIGA to become more involved with design community, to meet likeminded individuals and work on projects that benefit the art community.
Rachel is a wannabe hacker who spends most of her time churning out code as an interactive designer/developer for Madhouse. When she’s not fantasizing about being a character from Mr. Robot, you can probably find her playing Hearthstone, curating Spotify playlists, or planning out her dream kitchen. Originally from Bowling Green, Rachel graduated from BGSU in 2013 from the Visual Communication Technology program and is a recent transplant to the city of Toledo. She’s looking forward to doing better with AIGA. Facebook: @therachelrine Twitter: @rachelrine Dribbble: @rachelrine
Chris Graver
Chris Graver | Toledo Museum of Art, Graphic Designer & Web Developer Joined AIGA: December 2014
I joined AIGA because I'm obsessed with all things design
By day, Chris enjoys a gig as the senior graphic designer and web developer at the Toledo Museum of Art, where he manages the aesthetics of physical spaces, print pieces, and digital experiences. By night, he burns the midnight oil freelancing for food bloggers, entrepreneurs, and non-profits. A graduate of the University of Toledo with a bachelor’s degree in art, Chris’s interests include (but are not limited to): Spaghetti Westerns, Samurai cinema, 99% Invisible and mountain biking. Website: