Chris Hatfield
President | Director

Chris Hatfield | UX & Motion Designer, Hanson Inc.

Joined AIGA: 2013, Joined the Board 2014, President 2017

I joined AIGA innocently enough. At first I simply wanted to better understand my field and meet like-minded creatives in my area. What I found was a passionate group of designers who want to provide service to their community and trumpet the power of design to all corners. That was pretty much all she wrote.

My background is a grab bag of creative media ranging from professional touring musician to graphic designer, also working with film, scripting, and now motion. I’m an unashamed dilettante of the creative fields and believe adamantly that design is a fundamental change agent capable of motivating, organizing, and accomplishing a wide array of agendas.


Twitter: @Chriskhatfield

Instagram: @Ckhatfield

Linkedin: @ChristopherHatfield