Board Open Call

We are excited to announce that AIGA Toledo is looking for passionate, driven, collaborative individuals to join our Board! We have 4 open positions on the Board of Directors: President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Membership Director. Being a designer is not a requirement to apply. Our board is an eclectic group of writers, designers, photographers, curators, and educators who value design, diversity, collaboration and the local community. Join us in our mission to bring together an inclusive community, create change, empower one another and elevate design within the city of Toledo.

Interested in one of the open positions listed below? Apply Here >
*Deadline to Apply—12am Wednesday July 21st 2021*

Board Member Roles & Requirements

  • Maintain an active AIGA Membership throughout entire term
  • Completion of a full term
  • Dedicate 2+ hours a week to the position (dependent on time of year) 
  • Positive representation of AIGA in our community
  • Attendance at monthly Board Meetings (currently virtual)
  • Attendance at 80% of AIGA Toledo events (currently virtual)

President—2 Year Term
We are seeking an individual to lead our board of directors for the term of 2022-2024. In order to set you up for success we will begin onboarding late summer/early fall. Our current president will guide you through the ins and outs of your role responsibilities with hands-on training (virtual for the time being), introductions to National staff, and our advisory board to ensure that you have the tools and confidence to take on this role. In addition to the support of the AIGA Toledo board, you will have access to other chapter leaders via Slack to collaborate with, seek advice from, and grow with in your role. 

Who you are:

  • A self starting individual who takes initiative and sees things through
  • A leader, you either have experience in leadership or are looking to gain leadership experience to advance to the next level in your career 
  • Community minded, you have a desire to foster the local creative community 
  • A good communicator who is able to work with different people from all walks of life
  • Empathetic & motivating, you are able to lead a team with a sense of empathy and positivity
  • A volunteer who is willing to spend free time investing in our local creative community

President Responsibilities:

  • Facilitate and participate in programming ideation and execution 
  • Lead board meetings once a month with the assistance of the Vice President 
  • Facilitate partnerships in the local community with the assistance of Community Outreach chairs 
  • Attend National leadership meetings once a month
  • Lead quarterly board retreats
  • Check in with chapter advisory council quarterly
  • Recruitment of board members and AIGA Toledo members with the assistance of the board
  • Manages google suite & slack—adding/removing board members as terms require
  • Financial oversight of the board, ensuring that all expenses are approved by you and the treasurer, and recorded for annual tax purposes
  • Filing a board report annually with the assistance of the Treasurer
  • Approve projects, spending, and sign all contracts (ex. Speakers, Event spaces, etc)

Treasurer—3 Year Term
We are looking to fill our treasurer role to oversee the finances of our local chapter for the term of 2021-2024. While prior professional experience in finance is a plus, it is not a requirement. Our outgoing treasurer will happily show you the ins and outs of this role with hands-on (virtual) training to ensure your success moving forward. Additionally our National office provides training and you will have access to other chapter treasurers via Slack if you are interested to know how other chapters are managing their bookkeeping.

Who you are:

  • Responsible and trustworthy, as you will be the individual with access to our financial accounts (along with the president) your integrity is of the utmost importance 
  • Organized and accountable in your record keeping as it will relate to chapter spending, account balances, and preparing financial reports 
  • You check your email daily, ensuring you do not miss any important messages and alerts that relate to the chapters accounts 
  • Timely in response to anything urgent 
  • You have experience in or a willingness to learn quickbooks

Treasurer Responsibilities:

  • Manage the chapters financial accounts and quickbooks 
  • Keeping record of all chapter finances
  • Know how to balance a checkbook
  • Prepare monthly financial reports of chapter spending, earning & account balances
  • Prepare annual financial report of chapter spending, earning & account balances
  • Coordinate with a professional CPA to file the chapters taxes annually, and provide necessary paperwork to the President and National 
  • Send payments that have been authorized by the President only 
  • Filing a board report annually with the assistance of the President

Secretary—3 Year Term
We are looking for a secretary to foster communication and ensures proper management, documentation, and utilization of important records for the term of 2021-2024. Your job is to keep us organized and scheduled. You will be primarily responsible for recording meeting minutes (taking notes) at monthly board meetings. Minutes are important organizational documents that provide date, time, location, those in attendance of meetings and key information such as board actions, elections of officers or directors, and monthly reports from board members.

Who you are:

  • An efficient note taker who focuses on the big picture and assigning action items
  • You love being organized and knowing where everything lives
  • A planner, you know what needs to be done and who needs to do it

Secretary Responsibilities:

  • Record the minutes of all meetings of the Board and the Members
  • Maintain a board binder containing the governing documents, key governance policies, minutes of board meetings, and written consents 
  • Keep an updated record of Chapter contacts including current board members, and AIGA Toledo members
  • Schedule board meetings (currently via Zoom) giving ample notice to board members of the date and time
  • Ensure an adequate number of meetings are held per year in accordance with AIGA Toledo’s bylaws
  • Distribution of agendas before meetings 
  • Keep AIGA Toledo’s records and related materials organized on our google drive 
  • Develop and distribute a board calendar before the start of each year containing important deadlines for filing with the National office and the state of Ohio

Membership Director—3 Year Term
We are seeking a membership director to grow and maintain the AIGA Toledo membership for the term of 2021-2024. As the membership director, one of your primary duties is to communicate the value of membership by promoting AIGA Toledo to the local creative community and to enhance the membership experience. In addition to the support of the AIGA Toledo board, you will have access to other chapter leaders via Slack to collaborate with, seek advice from, and grow with in your role. 

Who you are:

  • Outgoing, you have no problem with community outreach as it relates to growing the AIGA Toledo membership and understanding what the community is looking for in AIGA Toledo 
  • You set goals and monitor your progress 
  • Organized and prepared to speak to professionals and community members about the value of AIGA Toledo and the benefits of membership
  • Collaborative minded

Membership Director Responsibilities:

  • Keep accurate membership records
  • Develop and distribute a quarterly newsletter to our membership via mailchimp
  • Collect feedback annually from our membership and community 
  • Develop and implement plans and objectives for membership promotion 
  • Assess and report progress in monthly meetings 
  • Prepare annual membership reports 
  • Stay in communication with AIGA’s national director of membership to ensure you know and understand the details of an AIGA membership as things change with time

Interested in one of the open positions listed above? Apply Here >
*Deadline to Apply—12am Wednesday July 21st 2021*

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