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by aigatoledo
Skill share is a global learning community for creators. Anyone can take thousands of online classes or even teach a class themselves. The content and quality of skillshare online classes is second to none and range across the fields of design, development, web, illustartion, lettering, and so much more!
by aigatoledo
Andrew Shea is the principal at MANY, a graphic design studio based in New York City. He is the author of Designing for Social Change and has written for various publications, including Design Observer, AIGA, and Design Impact Hub.
by aigatoledo
Keetra Dean Dixon is a Designer, Director, and Artist. Her hybrid design background and expertise in graphic design often leads her work towards speculative terrain, leveraging emergent technologies and the shortcomings of ubiquitous creative tools. She has been recognized on several fronts including a U.S. presidential award, a place in the permanent design collection at the SFMOMA, and the honorable ranking of ADC Young Gun (6).
Chapter Event, Chapter News, Featured, Sit & Tell · February 26, 2016
by aigatoledo
Antionette D. Carroll has been confirmed as a talent judge for the AIGA Toledo Sit & Tell project! Antionette is the founder and executive director of Creative Reaction Lab, a social enterprise cultivating creative leadership to improve the human experience through immersive challenges. Using her background in graphic design and non-profit management, Antionette founded Creative Reaction Lab in response to the death of Michael Brown, Jr. on August 9, 2014. As a practicing social impact design strategist and consultant, Antionette knew the importance of the merging of design methodologies and...
Chapter News, Featured, Sit & Tell · February 23, 2016
by aigatoledo
The Sit & Tell Project ( is a community driven storytelling, art, design, and engagement project that will span the entire city of Toledo. Built off the history and success of award winning collaborative AIGA Toledo programs like You Are Here Toledo, The Sit & Tell Project will align the heart and soul of city residents with the visual insights of artists and designers coming together for one core cause: strengthening the
by aigatoledo
Have you ever wondered how those member profiles pop up as a featured member on the AIGA Toledo website? And what about the all-powerful featured portfolios? Turns out, becoming a part of the talent pool is easy!
Chapter News, Featured · November 13, 2015
by aigatoledo
A seasoned design veteran who has served as former AIGA national President and driving force behind the Design for Good campaign, Doug is now the leader of a design revolution taking place at IBM. The presentation covered a wide range of design topics. Ultimately focusing on the growing influence of design in big business and as a front-line change agent capable of
Chapter News, Featured, recap · October 15, 2015
by aigatoledo
The process was simple, but the results were profound. Design Briefs took aim at the recent rise of business perception that perhaps design is in fact an invaluable asset supporting growth and direction for business. It's no secret to designers and creatives that design and the arts are key to
Chapter News, Featured, recap · October 4, 2015
by aigatoledo
Thank you for helping us put on another great event through Toledo Design Week. We'll be posting a recap of the event soon, but we also want to reach out to those in the community who were able to attend and ask them to give us some valuable feedback about the event. This online form is quick and painless, should take only a minute or two.
Chapter News, Featured, survey · October 4, 2015
by aigatoledo
A recap of AIGA Toledo's first of three in a series of free Toledo Design Events. Call To Action featured Kate Hunt and Dan Klynn on the topic of Design For Good, what it means, what it looks like in the real world, and the hunt for the meaning of "good." To take part in the next two free events, register on our events page here on
Chapter News, Featured, recap · September 23, 2015

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