2016 AIGA Toledo Annual Members Meeting | Come One Come All

It’s time for our Annual Members Meeting!

We will begin with a tour of our new meeting space located downtown in the Communica building. We will announce upcomming events for the year and have an open forum for questions and suggestions.

Following the business portion of the meeting we will go to the Black Cloister for social hour and a Drink & Draw. Pizza and sketchbooks will be provided.


How will the Drink & Draw work?

Each artist will place 1 noun and 1 adjective in separate buckets. Much like Card Against Humanity, one artist will draw a random slip of paper from each bucket. For example, hairy (adj) and vegetable (noun) are selected. All other artists will then have 3-5 minutes to draw an interpretation of a hairy vegetable in their sketchbook. The artist who drew the slips from the bucket will then act as a judge and select the winning drawing for that round. The buckets will then be passed to a new artist to serve as judge.

We will provide the Pizza, sketchbooks, and pencils. 21+ feel free to purchase drinks from the bar.

Be safe and drive responsibly.

When & Where
Wed, Mar 2, 2016 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
31 N Erie St,
Toledo, Ohio 43604