DW: Design Briefs

This event is part of AIGA Toledo’s Design Week
presented by Communica

Design Briefs is an opportunity for businesses to introduce their company to designers, developers, and creatives to receive concentrated feedback about the issues their business is facing today. Design Briefs will take place at the Toledo Museum of Art Glass Pavilion.

As part of AIGA Toledo’s annual Design Week (the last week of September), AIGA Toledo is putting on three events meant to celebrate design as a community and promote the concept of “Design for Good.”

Design Briefs is an event-partnership with AIGA Toledo and the Toledo Museum of Art. During the event, local business owners or aspiring entrepreneurs present their story along with a specific business challenge they’d like to overcome, receiving feedback from a panel of design and business professionals. The attendees will then have the opportunity to interact with the presenting companies during breakout sessions, as they collaboratively explore ideas on how to overcome the highlighted obstacles.

Here’s how the event will shake out:

1.) Business owners give a brief presentation about their company, their background, and a snapshot of where they are today. Owners then explain where they would like to be in the future, and discuss a problem they are facing in trying to reach this plateau.

2.) Expert panelists give their direct feedback to the business owners, offering insight into design and business opportunities available that may help them reach their desired destination.

3.) Attendees and business owners will join in breakout sessions where a facilitator will guide the process between designers, developers, and creatives in attendance and the business owner as they trouble shoot and invent new ways to achieve their goals, or perhaps improving on old ways. This is a loose format with a friendly camaraderie amongst creatives and business owners kept on track by our facilitator.

Driven by the belief that “Good ideas make vibrant communities,” we’re connecting Toledo’s creative class with entrepreneurs to create positive social impact through solving problems together, while establishing TMA as an innovation incubator. We believe that design is more than superficial beautification and that “Design Thinking” is an asset that can transform companies of all sizes, and even entire industries.

We are confident that when a community of great minds (designers, entrepreneurs, thinkers, advocates) step into the same room for a common goal, incredible things are possible. Through strategic problem solving and passionate collaboration, Design Briefs is an opportunity for design and business professionals to help the local entrepreneurs that fuel our economy and make real, tangible change in this community. And have fun in the process!

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When & Where
Thu, Sep 24, 2015 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM
Toledo Museum of Art
2445 Monroe St,
Toledo, Ohio 43620