Popcorn Posters Summer Show

The smell of salty, buttery popcorn and the largest soda you’ve ever held in your hands (for just a quarter more) and a somewhat comfy seat in a dark room full of strangers – this is a night at the movies. There is something about seeing a film in the theater that has continued to draw us in. It’s not just a night at the movies; it’s the entire courtship that captures our attention – starting with iconic movie posters.

The art of posters to promote a theatrical event goes way back, gaining popularity with the designs of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec in the late 1800s. Within the last century, movie posters have been a symbol of the film industry. A movie poster is not only a form of advertising, they’re meant to connect with the viewer and entice them to want event more. Throughout the years, they have been placed in theaters across the country and adorned the bedroom walls of teenagers.

Whether it is a classic or a new box office hit, sit back in a comfy chair with your favorite snack and press play. Then, create. Now is your chance to share your favorite movie through the art of a movie poster. Show us how you connected to the film. Show us what the movie means to you. Redesign the poster using the medium(s) you prefer and give it your own interpretation.


$5 pre-sale, $10 night of

When & Where
Sat, Sep 20, 2014 6:30 PM - 10:00 PM PDT
Ballroom at the Secor
425 Jefferson Ave.
Toledo, OH 43604