dustin_hostetler_judgeDustin Hostetler is a Toledo-based commercial artist, curator & creative director. Dustin is currently creative director for EL EL SEE llc, a Chicago based technology company specializing in modern, creative solutions for digital architectures, applications, ops and branding. www.upso.org & www.elelsee.com


pat_oconnor_judgePat O’Connor opened the legendary Boogie Records in 1973. The long running Toledo record store closed in 2004 but O’Connor opened Culture Clash Records the same year. Culture Clash focuses on the glorious vinyl LP. As OConnor approaches his 40 year in record store retailing, he still holds up the ideal that the record was the most successful pop culture art product ever produced.”


joe_pinciotti_judgeJoe Pinciotti  A veteran of the design and advertising industry, Joe’s creative work experience dates back to the early 1980s. Working in a variety of positions for both large and small agencies, he has been involved in every aspect of the business. Joe understands the importance of strong brand identity in helping to build brand equity for his clients. The bottom line-successful design solutions make businesses successful. Joe serves on the board of trustees as president for Toledo Hearing & Speech Center, a community-based center committed to providing hearing, speech-language, and related rehabilitative services to everyone. He founded Gina’s Pillows, a tribute to his niece and an initiative to support children’s charities.

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matt_davis_MCMatt Davis has been a designer and design educator for a long time (translation: over two decades). He holds two fancy design degrees and has won lots of awards, certificates and trophies that say his work is “super-duper.” He was born in NY, has lived and worked all over the country, but has always called Ohio his second home. Most importantly though, he just likes being around other creative thinkers, who, like himself, wonder (with their left brain) how the right side manages to come up with such amazing stuff each and every day. Currently, he hangs around with the great minds at Interrupt Marketing as Senior Art Director. Random facts: he dreams in black and white, and seriously wishes he could fly or be around trains all day.


bill_sattler_contestantBill Sattler / Partner / Bill is the founder and prime motivator behind Madhouse Creative. Under Bill’s leadership, the Madhouse team has grown in size and stature, garnering prominent accounts on the local and national level. He is a respected and sought after artistic director who brings a calm demeanor and generous wit to any problem-solving scenario.

rob_seiffert_contestantRob Seiffert / Partner / Cofounder and award-winning designer, Rob plays an integral role in the concept and design of all projects at Madhouse. His attention to detail is unmatched and he has the ability to bring a fresh creative touch to every project he’s involved with. Rob’s artistic skills and extensive understanding of visual communication design have proven to be a great asset to Madhouse and their clients.



nicole_fansler_contestantNicole Fansler is a graphic designer currently working in Cleveland, Ohio at the Cleveland Institute of Art. She has been recognized by the Educational Advertising Awards, the Advertising Club of Toledo, PRINT Magazine, and the Columbus Society of Communication Arts for her print and web work.

Nicole graduated from Bowling Green State University in 2009 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Graphic Design.

joshua_slatinsky_contestantJoshua Slatinsky is an Interaction Designer at FORM, a creative services boutique based in Cleveland, Ohio. His work has been recognized by Communication Arts, American Advertising Federation and AIGA. Joshua graduated from Bowling Green State University with a Bachelor of Science in Technology in Visual Communications Technology.


mel_giveins_contestant_freshmeatMelanie Giveins is a 2013 BGSU graduate looking to begin her career in the fields of web design and illustration. She has been drawing and creating for as long as she can remember and can’t imagine herself in any other field. She has four years of experience in procrastinating until 20 minutes before an assignment is due and is excited to utilize this skill in the Pixels of Fury competition. All jokes aside, she has a passion for design and the City of Toledo. In her spare time she likes to develop her hand-lettering skills make bad jokes.

jacob_parr_contestantJacob Parr is currently undergoing his last semester at BGSU for Graphic Design. He is a local Toledoan, with a huge passion for the growing arts community in the city. He is currently working with Verso group as a Designer and Screen Printer. Once school is complete, he plans to pursue work in branding, or becoming a professional Croquet player.


ryan_thompson_contestantRyan Thompson Born and raised in Toledo, OH, I am happily married with 3 children (and two giant dogs). I studied fine art at UT and the Museum of Fine Art for about 2.5 years and then continued my education at BGSU in graphic design. It wasn’t until I met Todd Childers at BGSU that my passion for graphic design and typography really took fire. I’ve always had a compassion for design, art and music, but nothing sings more to my heart than type. I feel like I can never have too many typefaces in my arsenal. And although I an constantly learning and adapting new design methods, most of my knowledge and skills that I have comes from the many mentors along the way, and without them, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

MrTaylor_contestantMr. Taylor Born and raised in Toledo, Ohio, designer, illustrator and BGSU graduate Mr.Taylor works and lives in the Historic Old West End District. Early years of non-stop drawing, filling sketchbook after sketchbook has led to a lifelong interest in art and design. His focus is on creating work that deals with value and intricate detail, using hand-drawn line-work and halftoning, embracing imperfection and allowing the composition to build upon itself. Ink on paper has always been his medium of choice, taking inspiration from ancient engraving artists, classic tattoos, and illustrators such as Robert Crumb, Travis Lampe and Greg Simkins. Mr.Taylor is also partial to vector illustration work; he has worked as design director for SillyBrandz Global for the past 7 years: developing branding, product concepts, and packaging for retail items including SillyBandz, and other youth-oriented items. He’s a founding member of Devicious! and LazerShirts—an interactive UV Glow T-shirt company. Hard work and many volunteer gigs have led him to become a noticeable part of the Toledo art scene—showing in numerous galleries, and completing some large public art murals. Now is an exciting, volatile time for Toledo as a growing art community and he’s right in the mix. hellomrtaylor.com  devicious.com

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