Featured Member: Jeff Kimble

The Inspiring Story of One of AIGA Toledo’s Most Influential Members

by Ashley Lawson

AIGA Toledo member and Treasurer, Jeff Kimble, has a career that spans more than 30 years in design, account and creative management, including a steady stream of successful innovation. He established Communica in 1988 after a seven-year tenure as Design Director for one of the region’s most respected full-service agencies. His creative vision, entrepreneurial passion and emphasis on new technologies have been responsible for the growth of his agency from a small design studio to one of the nation’s top 50 business-to-business full-service agencies. Jeff has two corporate identity designs included in the AIGA Press’ Top 100 World Marks and Logotypes. Other work has been recognized by Print Magazine, the New York Art Directors Club, Communications Arts, AIGA publications and Graphis magazine.

In addition to his accomplished resume, Jeff is an amazing asset to AIGA Toledo. Aside from being a board member since our chapter’s inception, he has contributed to the organization on many levels. From lending his space for meetings and events, to contributing his time and talents, he has contributed astronomically to our chapter’s success. Most recently, Jeff has decided to donate a physical building space to AIGA Toledo to use for meeting, gathering, and catering to the chapter’s various needs. We are beyond excited to see the many ways this space will function and benefit AIGA Toledo. In addition to a meeting area, and storefront, the space will include a small kitchen area, as well as handicap access to restrooms, and will be located within the Monroe Street corridor downtown.

When asked his thoughts on AIGA Toledo, and its importance, Jeff replied,

“I believe that the AIGA chapter can accomplish two high-level goals… first, to give our local design community a connection to the larger design movement globally, and second, advocate and provide credibility to the local (and non-local), business community that the creative talent here is minimally equal, and many times better, than a vast majority of larger markets around the country.”

—Jeff Kimble

While working Jeff says he likes to listen to people; “I love hearing the interaction of people working and meeting on projects… it has always energized me.​“ When asked about his design heroes and influences, Jeff says he has always been intrigued by Josef Albers’ color studies and that the simple, yet complex work of Woody Pirtle was an early influence on him as well. He also says he has been influenced by Frank Lloyd Wright. Outside of his extensive work in design, Jeff enjoys dabbling in architecture. A “self-proclaimed amateur arch​itect,” Jeff says, “I love old buildings and really enjoy the process of design and renovation so I actually do a lot of this in my spare time.” Jeff says him and his wife Beckett “seem to be in a perpetual renovation project… as soon as we get finished with one project, we always seem to identify another.”

When asked what his favorite aspect of the art and/design community in Toledo is, Jeff first responded that he thinks the Toledo commercial and fine art communities have the potential to be more robust and celebrated, and that the community has definitely had it’s peaks and downfalls over the years. Despite the downfalls in years passed, Jeff says there are many “pockets of success” within the art community, and local businesses. He stated “I believe that the arts, commercial or fine, thrive when you have the support of local corporations. When they use the local ad/design community, the creative community will only thrive and even get better. When the corporations support the fine arts, it only gets better.” After his initial explanation about what the community has been through, Jeff says his favorite aspect of the art and/design community in Toledo is, “Resilience. The creative community has stayed steadfast through all the ups and downs, and I’m excited that now a Toledo Chapter of the AIGA can be part of it.”

To find out more about Jeff Kimble, his work, and his business Communica, visit www.communica.world, and be sure to stay tuned for more news about the exciting new AIGA Toledo space Jeff is generously providing.

By aigatoledo
Published May 17, 2015
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