How to Become a Featured Portfolio on AIGA Toledo

Have you ever wondered how those member profiles pop up as a featured member on the AIGA Toledo website? And what about the all-powerful featured portfolios? Becoming a part of the talent pool is easy!

When you sign up to be a member of AIGA Toledo and fill out your profile, that information is automatically entered into our member pool. This allows you access to become a featured member on the home page of our site. Visitors can click your image and arrive at your contact information.

So how do we make this more powerful and useful for you?

AIGA national has a partnership with the creative portfolio site Behance. Many have heard of it, some have not.┬áBehance has a robust and talented community of designers ┬ácontributing tens of thousands of works to inspire and connect with.┬áBy signing up for this powerful free service of hosting an online portfolio at Behance, our members can verify that they are AIGA participants through Behance. When you complete this verification, your work is automatically added to our talent pool, and you can become a featured portfolio as soon as you publish your first project. And what’s more, your profile automatically syncs with AIGA Toledo’s portfolio page. Your work will also begin showing up alongside your member profile page on AIGA national.

So get in there, and let’s see some of that beautiful work!

By aigatoledo
Published November 13, 2015
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